Rwanda Seniors Life Centre relies on the generous support of donors like you to make the lives of genocide survivors a little bit easier. Big or small, every donation matters! 
Together, we can make a powerful positive difference.


COVID-19 Relief Fund

We’re in the midst of a global crisis – we are living in unprecedented times and we know that many people have lost their jobs, as businesses scale down and some close. Social gathering places have shut their doors and Canadians are staying home in our collective efforts to flatten the curve, slow down the spread of the virus and not overwhelm our healthcare system. Tragically, many lives have been lost and thousands have fallen seriously ill. These are very difficult times for all Canadians.

We are deeply concerned about the impact this crisis will have on the underprivileged elderly women in Rwanda, especially those that Rwanda Seniors Life Centre is already supporting. They live in such extreme poverty that they don’t always know when their next meal will be. During this crisis, they still depend on us to have their basic needs met. We are acutely aware of the vital role Rwanda Seniors Life Centre and its supporters play in their wellbeing.

In light of the pandemic, the Rwanda Seniors Life Centre Board of Directors has made the decision to temporarily suspend face-to-face meetings and fundraising events. We are now relying on our digital presence alone to meet and reach those who are able to help through online donations.

We know that times are tough. And we understand that not everyone is able to give right now. But we must ask our supporters to donate whatever they can, whether that is $5, $10 or more  every donation counts. Your support now can help us weather this storm.

Please accept our gratitude and appreciation in advance.