Respect: We respect each other; and work together as a team.
Compassion and Dignity: We display both of these traits as we provide care for our seniors.
Trust: We believe and trust each other in our caring, healing, friendship, serving and sharing in life long learning.
Safety: We’ll make sure that the overall safety of our seniors, staff, volunteers and visitors will be our number one priority.


“In our culture and society, it’s a moral obligation to take care of our elders. Growing up, I found myself living with my grandparents. It was common practice in our society for the grandchildren come to take the place of their parents and look after their grandparents. I felt loved; I enjoyed my grandpa’s stories very much. I would go to my parent’s house just to play with my brothers, and then go home to my grandparents. I was helping with the household chores and everything that a child was capable of helping with around the house, such as fetching water and other simple house holds chores. Read More…

About Us

The Rwanda Seniors Life Centre was founded by Christine Karebwayire. Her passion for the cause was the result of her childhood and her deep devotion and connection to her grandparents...

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Rwanda Culture and Christine Testimony

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Rwanda Seniors Life Center plans to build a senior centre with a capacity for up to 200+ seniors. Seniors will be housed in shared rooms, with two residents per room to promote a more family like...

What we are working on

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To provide food, clothing, and shelter to a vulnerable population
To ensure medical needs are met
To promote a social environment, reduce acute social isolation and enhance overall...

Long Term Goal

To build seniors facility

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You can either specify your donation to contribute to the building fund, sponsor one or more seniors, purchase a bed, mattresses or any other equipment, or just make a general donation...


This organization depends on donations

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